About Us

Yoga Hook is a Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Wellness Centre in Gerrards Cross, SL9, Buckinghamshire and North Finchley, N12, London

We offer a variety of yoga, pilates and fitness classes including heated Pilates, HIIT Pilates, Barre, Beginners, Hot, Dynamic Flow, Yin, Restorative, Aerial, Ashtanga, Meditation and many more. Our belief system is based on ‘kindness’ and ‘compassion’ to create a strong, flexible and thriving “YOU”.

Our classes are designed to engage different muscle groups and to keep your practice challenging and fresh. Your growth is our vision and we are also aware that each day is different – so why do the same routine every day? Some days you need more energising practice and some days you need to restore. Our customers enjoy the mix of classes and rev about it.

Flexibility and strength in the mind and body mean you will lead a life full of “ENERGY”. Rest, recharge & re-energise your mind and body the Yoga Hook way for a better, healthier and happier you.

Our expert and hand-picked teachers can’t wait to welcome you.

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Different day, different class

All levels welcome

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