Floatation Therapy in Gerrards Cross

Floating in a salt water relaxation tank is a more profound and effective way to relax in a small amount of time. Relax, recover, recharge and rejuvenate by experiencing stillness and bringing balance to a busy lifestyle. Floatation tank is scientifically proven to increase mental and physical wellbeing in as little as an hour, that is why it is also called a floating meditation tank. We call it an instant relaxation tank!

If you are a keen athlete, bodybuilder or repeatedly using the same body part in a form of exercise like cycling, boxing or running, you could be injury-prone. Everyday typing and bad posture can also result in injuries and stubborn tightness; our sensory isolation chamber can help with this.

Floating is an individual therapy in an isolation tank, available only at our Gerrards Cross yoga studio.

Do you ever wonder, what is a sensory deprivation tank like? It looks like a futuristic car that is more spacious than a mini. People also call it a giant egg. With 575kg of high-quality Epsom salt, you are bound to float effortlessly. With no external light or sound, in float sensory deprivation therapy, you will experience deep relaxation and serenity, inviting healing and recovery of mind, body and spirit.


Simple steps to enjoy a sensory float tank therapy

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Step 1 - Register

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What is a sensory deprivation float tank?

Our sensory deprivation float tank is a brand new I-sopod tank. It is chlorine-free and contains 575kg of high-quality salt for effortless float like the DEAD SEA. It constantly filters throughout the day and runs deep cleaning cycles at night. It includes two buttons for light and attention! The door has no stoppers and is hydraulic; even a little child can open it with a light touch. The tank has oxygen exchange vents and UV light which kills the germs. The head goes under the door handle side and the UV light faces you. It is one of the safest, cleanest places to be in.

Our facility for floatation in Buckinghamshire

Floatation in Bucks is inside Gerrards Cross yoga studio. The floatation tank is in a beautiful and spacious room with a Buddha on a stand, inviting you to experience serenity. The room has a shower facility, a changing bench, hooks to hang clothes/bags, etc. Adjacent in a ladies' changing room, there are hair dryers and mirrors. The required toiletries, towels, and earplugs are provided, so you just need to turn up.

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