Our yoga classes in Gerrards Cross and North London

Temperature and Class Name Key

Hot yoga classes: Our hot yoga classes in Gerrards Cross and hot yoga classes in North Finchley have HOT in the name, with temperatures from 30 to 35 degrees and the same level of humidity. These are for Bikram yoga inspired, hot yoga classes and Hot flow classes. Get involved for the following reasons:

  • Detox
  • Increased Blood flow
  • Supports weight loss
  • Faster distribution of nutrients
  • Warmer muscles allow a deeper stretch

Heated yoga classes: Our heated / warm yoga classes in Gerrards Cross and heated / warm yoga classes in North Finchley have HEATED in the name, temperature from 21-24 degrees and they can be a little sweaty. These can help with the following:

  • Warmer muscles to allow a deeper stretch
  • Break out in a sweat

Room temperature Classes: Don’t have Hot or Heated in the name.

All classes Explained:

Key for Beginners yoga and Beginner Pilates workout - All classes with B are also suitable for beginners.

Note: We periodically add and remove classes in Gerrards Cross and North Finchley yoga studios. The names may also vary slightly in both studios. Consult the timetable for each of the yoga studios and check against the name of each of the classes for the temperature key and class description which will always cover what level the class is aimed at.

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Hot and Sweaty – They all have HOT in the name!

Delve deeper into your practice, detoxify your body (and mind) and boost your mood - Hot yoga does it all. If you want to increase flexibility, burn calories, and build strength, then all you need to do is select one of the classes from below and get fit while you flow. Challenge your limits and unlock new possibilities by pushing your comfort zone as we welcome you to find your edge!

  • Classic Hot yoga - B - containing simple yoga postures in this classic hatha yoga practice (get in the pose, stay and come out). It is inspired by Bikram yoga.
  • Classic Hot Fusion - B - may include a creative ab workout or twists or a little flow yoga sequence.
  • Hot Hatha Flow yoga B - get in the poses, stay and slowly come out.
  • Hot Power Flow yoga - suitable after attending 5-6 all levels of yoga classes. Movement flows from one posture to the next in these.
Hot Yoga & Weight loss
 hot yoga hot

Strength and Conditioning

Unleash your physique with yoga that builds power and conditions your brain to be more resilient than ever.

Sculpt and strengthen your practice by just signing up for one of our S&C classes and building lean muscle, boosting your metabolism with dynamic yoga postures, strengthening the core, having better balance and a sharper focus. Would one not fancy moving with power & grace? Get fit, feel great, & reduce stress - all in one yoga class. Yoga conditioning for all levels.

  • Barre fitness - B Barre is a mixture of ballet, yoga and Pilates moves turned into exercises.
  • Slow flow yoga - B flow from one posture to the next, stay longer in the postures.
  • Heated Pilates / Heated Pilates Sculpt / Pilates Fit (Conditioning) - B heated Pilates classes are mat Pilates classes done in a warm room.
  • Heated Dynamic Vinyasa / Heated Vinyasa Flow, Vinyasa flow yoga- suitable after attending 5-6 yoga classes, flow from one posture to the next. We have beautifully crafted sequences for morning yoga and evening yoga in Gerrards Cross and North London.
  • Ashtanga Improvers – a strong ashtanga yoga class. Suitable only after attending a series of beginners ashtanga.
Learn more about Vinyasa flow yoga
Vinyasa Flow yoga

Slow, Stretchy & Nurturing

Seeking a yoga practice that's a gentler, slower pace? Our slow and nurturing classes are designed to soothe your soul, not strain your muscles. Think soft stretches, mindful breathing, and a focus on inner peace. So, roll out your yoga mat, leave the stresses at the door, and let yourself be gently guided towards serenity.

  • Heated Stretch - B stretch class suitable for people who don’t do yoga but want to start their yoga journey.
  • BSM – Breath, Stretch and Movement - B this class has breathing exercises, stretch and yoga movement for beginners and seasoned yogis.
  • Yin Yoga with sound healing - B class contains yin yoga asanas and is a type of floor-based yoga practice to improve flexibility. Yin and yoga go together like yin and yang.
  • Candlelit Restorative / Restorative Yoga - B this style contains relaxing yoga postures and designed to release stress and tension from the body and mind.
  • Gentle flow yoga - B class with gentle yoga postures for beginners, you will still feel the burn and learn different ways to approach asanas. We encourage the use of props such as bricks, blocks, chairs, and even the wall to support and enhance the yoga practice.
  • Heated Hatha Flow yoga - B similar to hot yoga - Bikram yoga style hatha practice, more creative sequences.
  • Yaii – yoga as it is / traditional yoga - B this yoga is our approach to traditional yoga, how yoga is meant to be. Weaved in the practice is yoga sutras from Patanjali and yoga philosophy. This class is offered only in our North London yoga studio.
Yinyoga Gerrards Cross Relaxing yoga in North London
Relaxing yoga

Beginners Yoga

Have you ever thought of giving yoga a go but felt intimidated? Our beginner-friendly classes are the perfect place to start! No prior experience is necessary. In a relaxed and supportive environment, you'll learn the fundamentals of yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and relaxation, all at your own pace, supported thoroughly by our most encouraging teachers. Starting yoga is an investment in your well-being, both physically and mentally. So why not take the first step today? Trust us, you'll not want to step back!

All other classes with B are also suitable for beginners as above.
  • Beginners Yoga - B has simple yoga postures. Take yoga postures for beginners at home and practice. We always advise yoga to be done under supervision to expedite the progress and minimise injuries.
  • Beginners Ashtanga yoga B is a practice consisting of a set sequence. It can be mixed in with other yoga practices to build strength faster.
  • Iyengar yoga - B gentle practice, use yoga bricks and blocks, straps and even chairs to find precision in posture alignment.
beginner yoga

Fitness and Fun

Cardio, Aerial and Dance - It's a light-hearted, sweat-inducing workout for the body and soul, all wrapped up in a quintessentially yogic paraphernalia.

  • Aerial Yoga / Aerial Sculpt / Flying yoga - B swing, soar, and stretch in anti-gravity-yoga with aerial hammocks. We have 5-meter-long silk hammocks, allowing us to we offer relaxing yoga in the hammocks as well as strengthening sculpting work. By loosening up a little literally, you will bring out the aerial antics - catharsis is guaranteed. We offer Aerial yoga beginners in North London as well as intermediate classes.
  • Heated HIIT yoga / Heated HIIT Pilates/ HIIT classes B Cardio - Get your heart pumping with lively cardio moves and playful routines, challenging your strength and breaking boundaries that the mind has set, only to gear up towards a fitter and more confident self! No previous yoga or Pilates experience is required.
  • Dance Fitness B Embrace the joy of movement with uniquely crafted dance sessions with deft moves that set the soul on unbridled joy and unwavering confidence, all whilst you're burning calories down, feeling extremely happy - it's a no-brainer, you see. This class is a mixture of Zumba inspired dance moves, Bollywood dance, jazz and many other types dance practices to burn maximum calories and have fun at the same time.
Learn more bout Flying yoga
Flying yoga

Pre & Postnatal Yoga - From Bump to Babies!

  • Pregnancy Yoga / Prenatal yoga B Nurture your well-being throughout pregnancy and early motherhood with this tailored yoga and Pilates practice as you connect with mums-to-be and new mums in action - a community of mums might just be what you want right now. This Yoga for pregnant women class has gentle stretches, relaxation techniques, and a supportive community.
  • Postnatal Pilates / post pregnancy yoga B Come with or without the baby, come even after a few months of giving birth. This post-pregnancy period is a bit personal to everyone, and sometimes the recovery could be a lot longer. Build the forgotten pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. We have space for your little ones to strengthen your bond and connect with your bundles of joy through your practice (we never know if we'd be aiding little yogis in the making!). For yoga after caesarean, make sure your health professional clears you to start yoga or exercise.

We are offering yoga for pregnant women in Gerrard Cross and postnatal Pilates in Gerrards Cross only, keep checking the timetable for the launch in North London.

Pregnancy yoga

Family yoga / Community yoga classes

  • B Our family /community yoga classes offer a gentle stretch and a jolly good time. No fancy kit is needed, just a spiffing attitude and a willingness to give it a go! The world is one family, bring your family along, kids as young as 7 are welcome with their parents. Serving on one platter the immersion of yoga and the ecstasy of giving - we call it Karma Yoga. Drop-ins for these classes are discounted.
family yoga

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