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Beginners yoga and Pilates

  • Welcome! To try any of our classes, simply download our app and choose an intro offer.
  • The intro offer is available only to new customers.
  • A vast majority of our classes are suitable for novices. Stretch yoga class, beginners yoga, beginners ashtanga, flying yoga for beginners, Yinyoga, Relaxing yoga / Restorative yoga, Mat Pilates class, hot hot yoga which is classic Bikram yoga inspired hatha yoga sequence.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch. Bring a bottle of water and a mat. If not, you can borrow mats from the yoga studio in Gerrards Cross and the yoga studio in North London. We have a water filling station, so bring an empty bottle.
  • Once the intro offer has ended, decide how many times a week you will come and choose from either subscription-based options or flexi passes.
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Yoga Beginner

Pricing options explained

  • Intro offer can be bought once for new members only.
  • Drop-in is suitable if you are coming once a week or fewer times.
  • Flexi passes are suitable if you come once a week or more. The greatest advantage is that they can be shared with friends and family and have longer expiration times.
  • Monthly subscriptions give access to a certain number of classes per month and are cheaper than Flexi Passes. They also automatically enrol you for a % off on our events. These can’t be put on hold and can’t be shared.
  • Pay in advance for a month or a year for unlimited yoga classes in that period.
  • Learn about pricing options in our Finchley yoga studio
  • Learn about pricing options in our Gerrards Cross yoga studio
Muswell Hill Yoga

General useful info and discounts

  • Our Yoga Hook app is the most convenient way to book classes and events.
  • We have all the props in our yoga studio, so you don't need to bring anything except a mat. We believe you bond with your yoga mat which helps you practice.
  • If you borrow our yoga mat, you must have a yoga towel on it for hygiene reasons.
  • We give a % discount on our 5, 10 and 20 class flexi packs for OAPs and full-time students (present a valid ID at the studio).
  • We give a % discount to NHS staff for this present a valid ID.
  • Gift cards have an electronic number and can be redeemed for all our yoga, mat Pilates classes and fitness classes, floatation tank and all our products and events.
  • Buy a gift card for yoga classes in North London
  • Buy a gift card for yoga classes in Buckinghamshire
  • To redeem a gift card, (1) Create your profile with Yoga Hook, (2) On the app or the browser: choose: My Profile - Billing - 2nd option - gift card. The gift card balance will be added to your account and you can make purchases by choosing to pay with the ACCOUNT balance.
Yoga classes in Slough

More about our classes

  • Yoga classes with Hot in the name are hot yoga classes with temperatures between 30° and 35°.
  • Classes with heated / warm in the name have temperatures between 21° & 24°.
  • All other classes are at room temperature.
  • Yoga classes in Gerrards Cross and North London will make you strong and flexible. Hot yoga will help you detox and support a weight loss programme.
  • Hot yoga / Bikram yoga inspired   
  • All ages and abilities are welcome. We have simple yoga postures in our yoga for starters, gentle flow yoga, yinyoga and many more options to get you started and to progress. Improve your posture, get rid of the pain and don’t give into limited mobility.
  • Mat Pilates is suitable for beginners and alike.
  • We also have yoga classes for pregnant women, Postnatal Pilates classes, Family yoga and community yoga classes.
  • Our yoga Classes   
Yoga studio North London

Booking, sharing and cancellation

  • You can purchase packages from our website or through our app. Alternatively, you can pay with a credit card at the studio.
  • We advise you to book in advance to avoid disappointment. It is a touch of a button to book classes using our app.
  • To share Flexi passes, get the person you want to share your pass with registered. Create a relationship on the app and send us an email to request sharing.
  • You can cancel a booked class using our app. You must cancel as soon as you know you can’t make the class. There is a 3-hour grace period for class cancellation to avoid losing your credit.
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Hot Yoga

Parking and Transport for Yoga Studio North London

  • Our yoga studio in North London is well connected with bus routes and underground links.
  • Northern line stations West Finchley, Woodside Park, and Finchley Central are within close proximity of our Finchley yoga studio.
  • We are the chosen studio for Muswell Hill yoga because we are located under 6 miles/15 minutes or one bus journey away from Muswell Hill. The same applies to West Hampstead yoga and Totteridge & Whetstone yoga classes.
  • For East Finchley yoga, Frien Barnet yoga and Golders Green yoga – all under 25 minutes away on the bus that comes to Tally Ho bus depot, which is 2 minutes walk from our yoga studio in North London
  • The side roads around us are free in the evenings after 6pm and on Sundays. Waitrose car park is a 7-minute walk and free for 90 minutes, Castle View Road car park is free after 6pm, Aldi car park has a nominal fee for 90 minutes and there is Lodge Lane car park around a 7-minute walk away and reasonably priced. Always check the parking signs before parking.
  • More on Parking and Transport in North Finchley    
Totteridge & Whetstone yoga

Parking and Transport for Gerrards Cross Yoga Studio

  • There is ample free parking all around our Gerrards Cross yoga studio. It is easy to drive to us from Beaconsfield, Amersham, Slough, Uxbridge, Fulmer, Denham, Chalfont St. Peter and Maidenhead.
  • For Beaconsfield yoga either drive or take a 5 mins overground train to Gerrards Cross. There is a direct bus that comes to Gerrards Cross as well.
  • For yoga in Amersham, we are a 15-minute drive away. We also have regular students from High Wycombe and Maidenhead.
  • We are the chosen studio for yoga in Uxbridge because we are under 6 miles/15 minutes away.
  • Slough is only 6 miles/15 mins away from Gerrards Cross. Our Buckinghamshire yoga studio is convenient for people looking for Slough yoga classes.
  • For Fulmer yoga, Denham yoga classes and Chalfont St. Peter yoga, we are only 5-7 mins away by car.
  • There is 2 hours of free parking in front of the studio, 90 minutes free in Tesco (behind the studio), paid parking opposite Waitrose and more free parking on Pack Horse Road. Always check the parking signs before parking.
  • More on Parking and Transport in Gerrards Cross   
Beaconsfield yoga

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