Dance Journey

Only available at our Finchley studio

You can’t dance and not smile! ☺

Be fit, stay fit, and learn a new skill simultaneously.

Did you know that, according to studies, an hour of running and an hour of dancing burn the same amount of calories? But dancing is a blast, especially with the smiles and laughter that comes with it, plus it is amazing for arteries and heart health.

When a little baby or a toddler moves with the rhythm – you see everybody around them perking up and smiling. Little girls and boys often want to learn dancing until 13-14 years of age, however as we grow older, life takes over, and our passion for dancing often fades away. Let’s rekindle the love for dancing and bring back the joy. If you’ve always wanted to learn to dance, don’t wait any longer!

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

Martha Graham

Why Dance?

Engaging in dance provides more than just a fun workout; it is an opportunity to release your inhibitions, explore your creativity and connect with our community. Dance provides mental and emotional well-being in addition to physical fitness. It allows you to build confidence, enhance body awareness, and most importantly have fun!

Step into our studio, let the music guide your movement, and experience the transformative power of dance. Bring friends or family, learn a skill, and cherish the time spent together, all while boosting your self-confidence to shine at other events!

At Yoga Hook, we understand that dance embraces the essence of joy and self-expression. We strive to foster an inclusive and supportive environment where participants can feel comfortable exploring their movement potential - so there is no need to be apprehensive, come along and join a class!